Weirdest Medical Conditions Known to Man

The title of this article speaks for itself so we`ll cut to the chase and start with our list leaving out the medical mumbo-jumbo and Latin terms.

Walking corpse syndrome

Dmytro Konstantynov | - Zombie soldier

This is a very rare mental disorder where the person affected with this disorder actually believes he or she is missing a body part or even dead. People who suffer from this disorder usually don’t take baths, don’t eat and tend to deny their existence. Some people with this disorder go to the graveyard to be with their own kind (talk about stiffs). The first brain scan done on a patient with this disorder showed extremely low brain activity in areas which are connected with motor function, memory and sensory information, almost the same as to someone who is in a vegetative state.

Vampire syndrome

Arman Zhenikeyev | - Vampire nation

This is also a very rare disorder and only one in a million people have it. No, it`s not about people sucking blood from other humans with their fangs and turning into bats when necessary. Actually, people who have the vampire syndrome are extremely sensitive to UV rays. Even a short exposure to sunlight can cause extreme skin burns, and eventually cancer. There are some available treatments for this disorder but the best way to stay safe is to completely avoid sunlight, just like a vampire would.

Foreign accent syndrome

Mark Hayes | - Speak no evil

If this syndrome wasn’t real, it would make everyone around the people who have it laugh their eyes out. This syndrome is, in fact, real and makes the people who have it talk in foreign accents even if they never visited that region in their life. It`s not unusual for people who have it to mix several accents in one sentence. This disorder is usually a side effect of stroke or other severe brain injuries. There is no cure for this syndrome, but people can have extensive speech therapy to reduce the severity of this disorder.

Congenital insensitivity to pain

Elnur | - Badly beaten businessman

Imagine if you didn’t feel any physical pain at all. Well, some people can`t feel pain from their birth. This might seem like a cool superpower but it`s actually really dangerous. People with this condition can`t feel any pain which can lead to serious injuries. They can feel the difference between hot and cold, sharp and dull but not enough to warn affected people they are being injured at the time. Broken bones, wounds and other physical injuries can go undetected for some time which can make things more serious than they originally were.

Alien hand syndrome

Joseph Dilag | - Self choking

This is a very weird syndrome where people can`t control one of their limbs. It`s like a hand has a mind of its own, grabbing random things, unbuttoning a shirt or even hitting the person it`s attached to. Picture that you see someone choking himself, while trying to stop his own arm from doing that. This scene may look like a cheesy horror movie but in fact, it is fairly rare but a real medical condition. People who have this condition suffer mostly mentally. Well, imagine something really embarrassing you can do with one hand when you`re on the street or in a crowded place.