What Was Kate Middleton’s Life Like Before?

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At the moment, Kate Middleton is living a life that we can only imagine. She has three gorgeous children, millions of fans and she lives in a palace, married to an actual prince. But that’s quite far from what her life used to be before she joined the royal family.

Although Kate Middleton has always been wealthy, her life is very different now. She used to have what we call a normal life; socializing with friends, spending quality time with family, and enjoying school and work.

It was when she met Prince William at the University of Saint Andrews that her life changed forever. But what exactly did she do before she fell in love and married Prince William?

She Had a Regular Job

Being where she is now, it’s difficult to imagine Kate Middleton waking up early and heading off to work. However, that’s exactly what she used to do.

After graduating from college, she was an accessories buyer for Jigsaw, a British fashion label. Her job consisted of running errands during photo shoots and other administrative responsibilities.

Granted, she only worked three days a week in Jigsaw’s London office because she had to make time to accompany Prince William in all these different events and engagements.

Belle Robinson, the founder of the fashion label was impressed by Kate Middleton and the way she handled the paparazzi. It’s not easy to have a bunch of photographers following you around, even at work, but Middleton seemed unfazed by it, which is quite remarkable.

Belle Robinson also noted that Kate Middleton would always interact with everyone, no matter their level in the company, and she didn’t think of herself as better than everyone else.

She Worked For Her Family’s Company

The Middleton family owns a very successful company called Party Pieces and they sell party supplies. The business started over 30 years ago and it has always been lucrative, thus allowing the family to live a wonderful life.

Kate Middleton was also a part of the company and she worked for them before marrying to Prince William. As a child, she and her sister Pippa were featured in the company’s catalog.

As an adult, she continued to model for catalogs as well as working on their design and production. She also had opportunities in marketing and photography inside the company.

She Lived With Her Sister

Kate Middleton’s current place of residence is nothing other than the Kensington Palace, but before she became a member of British royalty, she lived with her parents, of course. Once she moved out, she lived in a London apartment, which she shared with her sister Pippa.

This apartment was purchased by their parents and it was located in Chelsea, London. The duchess lived there until 2011 when she married Prince William. Her sister, Pippa, and her brother James continued to live in this apartment.

It’s safe to say that Kate Middleton’s life has changed quite a lot, even if she was already living on the privileged side of the specter. Even so, you can’t deny being the wife of a Prince certainly has its benefits.

She used to do what everyone else does, even if they come from wealth; she had a job, responsibilities, she lived with her family, and did all the normal things we do on a daily basis.

That changed forever when she married Prince William and even though she exists like everyone else, her life is much more different to ours than we could ever imagine.