What's your summer style?

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Well, according to many clothing specialists and their visions for the upcoming summer, we have made a list of best advices for you.

- Avoid color black

Often it doesn't really look like a sun-ready look. But if you choose black, try to combine it with big and upbeat earring, which would significantly change the general look.

- Working the margins

You should try to make your outfit look as more summery as it can for this season. The interesting thing to do would be wearing your hair loose with sunglasses, turning up a trouser hem and finally ditch the socks. Even a sockless pair of white tennis trainers or Vans could be a good step towards the summer season.

- Off-the-shoulder top

It can be really helpful with this one if you already have one non-worn from last summer. These kind of tops always save cachet for the next season. Called Bardot tops in some circles, they are still useful have that longevity. Bare shoulders are perfectly suitable for summer and shouldn't concern you little older ones when it's about exposing the upper arms. Cold-shoulder tops are also pretty available. For those who find naked shoulders too louche while in air-conditioned office, it's important to know that putting a cashmere sweater over is totally approved and very acceptable.

 - Rolling up the sleeves

The thing that reminds us of Jackie O on the Cape, a little. But if you make it right, it can be just Jackie O.  There are many girls who just can't pull off a kaftan top outside of a brochure with some sand dunes, beach huts and blond children. But, it nice to know that the most of them wear a type of relaxed shirt. This season says "yes" to Denim, pale blue is good, white works. Unbuttoning it little bit down to the breastbone, with jewellery can just make the magic. The area of the elbow with little beta, no matter if it's below or above, should send you right to the Jackie O world.

- Mess about with camisoles and slip dresses

Various motives! Summery and light and semaphore, almost everything to get that sunshine memo. Even better, we're pretty sure that many of you already have some of these stuff in your wardrobe. A T-shirt under the slip dress will give you look comfortable and avoid the panic with bra-on-display. For those brave ones, it's totally recommendable to wear a camisole over a shirt, in the spirit of summer layering.

- Check out the stores

Buying one below-the-knee skirt is always a good idea for this season. Which one? Doesn't matter if it's printed, pleated, plain or structured. Some may be confused, but you have to admit that there's something for everyone, every taste.

- Old shoes?

I bet you all have a pair of last years' leather sandals, that could be just the thing for another season. The answer is definitely no. Flip-flops are not the part of this season's style. But, the sliders are hot, and easy available on every high street. It can be worn with breezy jogging bottoms, cropped trousers or even a long skirt, which allows dozens of options.