Who’s On Celebrity Big Brother This Season

Every year, it feels like we’re “blessed” with another year of Celebrity Big Brother. While previous years have gone some way to absolutely stretch and play out the credibility of the term Celebrity for the people who are involved, this year has one or two comical characters.

The TV show idea might be beginning to gain strained to the point of absolute ridicule, but many people still enjoy watching celebrities make absolute fools of themselves to try and get a big of lasting fame from it.

So, who have we got to look forward to this year in Celebrity Big Brother?

  • Brandi Glanville. One of the names that immediately caught the eye looking at the cast list was “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” ‘star’ Brandi Glanville. The high tempo lady might not be for everyone, but she’s almost certainly the reason a large chunk of the audience will tune in this year. A colorful character, she’s one we wouldn’t put too doubters against for going all the way and winning the whole thing.
  • Ariadna Gutierrez. While being known for mistakenly winning Miss Universe might be a bit of a downer, it’s what Gutierrez is arguably best known for. It’s sure to make an interesting house anyway, and the addition of a former Miss Universe (for a moment) is sure to only step up the temperature in the house for a little while longer.
  • Mark McGrath. Known for his time as the singer of Sugar Ray, this should be quite an interesting one. Sugar Ray might be a three-hit wonder, but the popularity of McGrath would be hard to contest. He’s got charisma and charm, and is usually the kind of person who ends up walking out of the BB household with the prize in hand. If he’s as good as his early tunes, he’ll do well here.
  • Chuck Liddell. While once known for being good at smashing faces in, UFC star Chuck Liddell – a man widely credit for helping to make the MMA sport more popular in the mainstream – is a sure-fire winner for us. He’s got charm, spark, charisma and energy. Also, the fact he’ll by far and away have the most interesting stories to tell makes him a winner for us. A comical guy anyway, he’ll be a great addition to the CBB pantheon.

While the show can be toe-curing and make it very hard to enjoy what you are watching, CBB this year actually looks pretty decent. There’s some interesting names in here who will be worth watching and some lesser lights, but we’re sure that anyone watching on will be able to have a good time at the expense of the housemates.



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