Why Does Queen Elizabeth Wear Gloves?

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Over the many years that Queen Elizabeth has occupied the throne, there are a few things that stand out when it comes to her attire such as a bright colored coat, her matching hat, always a huge brooch, and lastly, her perfect gloves!  She has also been known to wear many different sunglasses in many different colors including blue, yellow, and fuchsia.

Back to the question about the gloves.  Actually, there is a really good reason, the queen must shake a lot of hands during the course of a day.  She is constantly exposed to germs so her gloves protect her!

Ever since her honeymoon in 1947, the glove manufacturer Cornelia James has kept the queen in a large supply of gloves.  Genevieve James, the current director, and daughter of Cornelia told Good Housekeeping, the gloves may serve a practical purpose but have also become her trademark over the years.

In 1947, the royal couturier Norman Hartnell, who designed the queen's wedding dress, ordered a suitcase of James' gloves.  James was well-known for his gloves coming in a multitude of colors as well as traditional shades which the queen loves.

Family Business

In 1979, manufacturer Cornelia James received her Royal Warrant as the official glove manufacturer to Queen Elizabeth.  After Cornelia's death in 1999, her daughter took over the business.  It's estimated that since that time, the company has made around 60 to 70 pairs of gloves for the queen.  Genevieve said that she can tell the difference between her creations and those of her mother's.

Unlike your standard glove, the queen's gloves are made from pure cotton with a suede-brushed finish. Another favored style of gloves uses a lighter Swiss jersey.  The gloves are from the Francesca or Regina collection and the length is customized for the sleeves to reach 5 inches from the base of her thumb to her arm.  This allows the gloves to reach beyond the cuff of her coat and keeps her wrists covered.

The queen has been known to keep at least 2 or 3 gloves with her at all times.  The queen is also known to be thrifty, she is likely to get her gloves washed and/or repaired due to the cost of £110 per pair. The queen has been known to keep her gloves for 40 years.  The royal family has always wanted to appear as economical, not wasting money.

It's believed the British people are in favor of their economic spending, seeing the family in a much more favorable light. I'm sure we would all love to have these incredible gloves to add to our fashion statement, but for now, let's just say "God Save The Queen"!