Why Over-40s Should Give Up Ibuprofen

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When we have a sore tooth, a sore jaw, a sore back…sore anything, inflammation is often part of the problem. This is why so many take anti-inflammatory and pain management tablets- Ibuprofen. These over-the-counter medications are taken by millions of people every day and can help us to get over a pain to get back on with our days. However, it turns out that Ibuprofen might not be such an advisable product to take for those over the age of 40…

Some studies show that it could have toxic properties for heart muscles, meaning that anyone over the age of 40 should take a deeper look at what they are taking. The FDA found in 2015 that ibuprofen comes with a few ingredients in there that, broadly, could cause problems with the heart. It could be even related to heart attacks and strokes – making it especially worthwhile dodging in your 40s!

What’s better – a sore head or a dead heart?

Many people instead turn to taking solutions like turmeric, instead, offering anti-inflammatory properties without that big warning needed on the bottle. Turmeric is a great solution for this, and can easily be taken due to its high polyphenol count making it very good for the body indeed.

Simply mix it in with a cup of warm water, some honey and some lemon juice and voila! It can be an excellent way to help alleviate that pain without taking in anything that, broadly, our bodies should be avoiding. Ginger, too, is a good source thanks to the fact it can stop inflammation at its source thanks to the power antioxidant effects, ensuring that inflammation and joint acidity can both be minimized and, when possible, neutralized entirely.

Another good and natural source is to use capsaicin, which is found in red peppers. It’s a very easy product to apply, either done so in a cream or a gel form, and can be a great way to help release pain in our joints and muscles.

So, while there are so many natural options to fight inflammation and give your body the help it needs to stay strong and healthy, you should empty your cupboard of such synthetic solutions. As ever, be sure to go and check with a medical professional and make sure you are making the right choice – but, past the age of 40, ibuprofen should probably be minimized and, if possible, not taken at all for the foreseeable future.