These A-list Stars Have Trouble Getting New Roles

Working on the set of some of the greatest movies and most popular television shows means stars are relevant to both the public as well as those within the industry. However, behind the glitz and glamour of the red carpet lie countless hours, days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years, of tireless work.

Sometimes the people you are working with aren’t exactly the easiest to get along with. The pressure on actors as well as directors to ensure the production returns on investment is huge, with everyone’s reputation on the line. This can bring out the worst in people both during and after production, which in some instances leads to the actor being blacklisted by studios.

There are no clear criteria as to when an actor reaches a point where studios and other actors no longer wish to work with them. Due to the anonymity nature of sources, it’s also difficult to verify if rumors of why some actors are no longer considered for roles are the real reasons. However, in some cases, the truth is out in the open for everyone to see.

So… let’s see.

Chris Hemsworth

If it seems as though Chris Hemsworth hasn’t been in the spotlight lately, you would be right. Unlike the other actors on this list, however, the reason isn’t due to any fault of the actor but due to a contract, he signed to play the superhero Thor in a multi-year contract.

Due to the Marvel cinematic franchise churning out a film or two every year, the actor has been busy portraying the Norse god on screen since 2011. As such the Australian actor has had little time to branch out. Adding to this is the fact the actor deciding to relocate back to his native land, compounding the difficulty in finding roles with studios located in the United States.

Jim Carrey

If you haven’t seen Jim Carrey in a while, it’s because the actor has more recently been shelved by studios due to his off-set behavior. After starting his career in comedic roles, the actor showcased his versatility in more serious films earning critical acclaim including multiple Golden Globe awards for Best Actor.

However, due to more controversial, if not polarizing stances on vaccinations, gun control, as well as his political position. As such, with his recent films being box-office bombs, studios fear to cast the actor as they fear it will alienate large groups of their audience.

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