You Will Never Believe How This Groom Exposed His Cheating Wife...

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Your wedding is supposed to be the most amazing day of your life. Where nothing else matters; you have joined together in union with your loved one – you finally have the one. It’s the moment that nearly everyone dreams of – the big .


However, when you’ve been doing a bit of the dirty on the side, the whole ‘together forever’ thing becomes a little confusing. Entering into an affair with someone more or less destroys every vow you make at a wedding.

When we find out that the one we love has broken that trust, reactions vary. Most leave, others go out and do a bit of damage themselves. Some people, though, turn downright savage. They get ready to bottle it up and to keep one particular moment to drive it home that they know.

From burning stuff to fights on the street, we’ve seen it all in life and in media. People go NUTS when they find out about cheating – and rightly so. This one, though? Christ.

The Craziest Revenge of All

Some people are content to wait until the big day, play it out all that time, just waiting, get the bride in front of all her family friends and then play a video of her cheating. A Singaporean couple were getting together to get married, and the big day had been going perfectly; much laughter, happiness and good spirit.

Friends, family, loved ones and colleagues all together at once. Apparently, according to Zaobao, a local media source, everyone had gathered to watch a video together. It started with the couple happy and together, enjoying themselves. Then, new footage appears – camera footage of the bride entering a hotel room with another guy. Knowing she was rumbled, the bride sprints out the room and runs away.

The Investigation

Apparently, the groom is a well-off businessman and hired a private detective to trail his wife after expecting she was messing around. Known as Ms Zhuo, of the AJAX Investigation and Security Services firm, the agent carried out the necessary duties and found that the suspicions were right.

Following the bride to be or six weeks, she noticed her meeting up with another guy and then caught footage of the second meeting, things changed. Speaking to Zaobao, Zhuo explained.

“They went up to the room together, but one of them left first before the other. However, they both came out of the same room.”

While they could have been doing anything in there, it hardly looks good. Some, though, think it’s a touch too vindictive and could have been handled without ruining her personal and professional integrity.

What do you think? Was it too much?