Will the New Samsung S10 Take over the Market?

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It is almost the end of another year, a period when the big players in the smartphone market will unveil their superior flagships in a race to capture the huge market. For a long time the race between Samsun and Apple has been close, and now there are indications that the public should expect outstanding changes in the Samsung S10 soon to be released.

From what we have gathered, the notable change that has always been used to differentiate the Samsung flagships is the position of the fingerprint scanner. On the Samsung Galaxy S9, it was located at the back of the phone.

Now we hear this position will be changed on the S10. It gets interesting because we know the likely positions of this scanner are almost exhausted so are we expecting a virtual scanner on the S10? It will be awesome. We expect Samsung to take advantage of this new smartphone to promote the ultrasonic virtual fingerprint scanner. This is a project that has been overlooked by the Apple developers. If Samsung gets it right, smartphone users who like new twists will definitely want to give it a try.

Some new development we expect is the unveiling of three new models for the Samsung S10 smartphone. From all indications, the market has always embraced the availability of options to users, and the introduction of three new models will be good news.

The three new models will have different screen sizes, starting from the smaller 5.8-inch screen for the regular sized Samsun S10, and a larger 6.1-inch screen, then it gets better, for the fans who like big screens, the S10 will also feature a large 6.4-inch screen.

A fingerprint scanner on display will be a convenient modification that will impress many users. The option of different screen sizes has always helped smartphone flagships sell more units in the market. As it stands, there is no reason to consider another brand.

The choice of Apple to eliminate the fingerprint scanner from the new devices to be released later this year has raised mixed feelings from people who may find it inconveniencing to use the facial recognition feature that Apple wants to promote. Maybe more users will end up leaving their phones unlocked to avoid the hassle. Samsung will install the fingerprint scanners on the side of the smaller Samsung Galaxy S 10 phones, once again distinguishing the device from the Samsung Galaxy S9 phones.

It is clear that customers will be able to make easier decisions this time after the release of the flagship smartphones for big brands. This is because the features we expect are going to be entirely different. So it is going to be about the features that are more convenient for the users.

Samsung has also revealed its plans to ship as many as forty million Galaxy S10 phones after the release of the flagship device. The marketing strategy will be developed to promote the three models to the public in view of achieving the biggest sales the company has recorded to date.

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