After Watching This You Would Want A Pet Cockatoo

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When it comes to finding humor in the world around us, one of the best ways to do so is through animals. Their quirky nature that is totally at odds with our own, makes spending time around feathered animals a hugely enjoyable and endearing prospect indeed.

This fantastic video by The Pet Collective is a fine example of why spending so much time with animals can be worthwhile. With this awesome video, you get to enjoy watching a group of different Cockatoo birds doing all manner of absolutely hilarious activities which is sure to leave your ribs sore from all that laughing!

Smart and charming in equal measure, you should watch this video through to the end. It’s bound to be the best 3:11 that you spend this month. A comical video with immense appeal to entertain just about anyone who loves animals, you should find this to be a great source of entertainment.

It’s also a great way to help show someone in your life that animals such as cockatoos can be among the most comical creatures to have around the place. Thinking of getting a bird for the home? Then this might just be the place for you to start with.


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