This Woman Wanted Love and Found Friendship, Using a Baseball

Finding true love? Running ships with messages in the ocean, writing letters to Juliet and locking the love locks to the bridges in Paris. I bet you have heard these stories and maybe some of you have even tried all this, but there are now more ways that you can find and meet the love of your life. I am sure that all the romantic and cheesy movies somehow make us all think that fairytales and “meet cute” are for real but we never tried making our own romantic story because deep inside we know that there is nothing real to all of this.

However, an 18-year-old girl named Hayley Robbins got so inspired by the concept of meet-cute from romantic movies that she felt the need to create her own story. Her friends used to call her the “always optimistic” friend who believed in good and was very positive about everything.

What she did was, she wrote her name, contact number with a request asking for “cute guys” on a baseball and threw it in the ocean.

We’ve heard that the universe helps us if we want something truly and with all our heart, well we are not sure if Hayley was actually looking for the one “cute guy” but the Universe somehow helped her and after a period of 6 years, she got a reply back.

Yes, you heard it right. Hayley got a reply back! And the rest of the story is more weird and shocking.

After 6 years she got a message on her phone saying that “Hey, I want to be your superhero, guess my name?” and this actually raised some hopes in Hayley that yes there are chances that she made her own love story happen but that is not the end to the story.

After a little chit-chat and inquiry, Hayley got to know that the person behind the texts was some Adam, and after a little more chit-chat she then discovered that the person who was texting wasn’t even a boy! It wasn’t any Adam or a cute guy, in fact, it was a girl named Ashley. Hayley was both sad, happy and shocked, it was a mixed feeling, shocked for the reason that somebody actually did find the softball after 6 whole years passed, happy that she got a reply back and how the Universe helped her, and sad that it wasn’t a man!

Well, we do wish Hayley best of luck for the next time she tries something like that and we hope she finds her soulmate but for now, let’s skip back to the story and what happened between Ashley and Hayley later. Ashley later apologized to Hayley for pretending to be Adam and said that “I just wanted to be that cute guy” but now they are both quite good friends.

Want another surprise? Well, Ashley wasn’t even the real name of the girl. In fact, it was a fake name used for Kelci so in real, Kelci and Hayley became friends in a very very strange way. Not the start of a memorable and life-changing romance it was but it definitely led to a strange yet exciting friendship.