Woman Loses Her NASA Internship For The Funniest Reason

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Almost everyone is on social media especially the popular platforms. It is also easy to track tweets because of keywords and hashtags. But one unguarded moment caused this woman to lose her internship at NASA a position thousands dream about every day. In what seemed like a hilarious moment of jubilations she Tweeted that all she had been accepted as an intern at NASA but unlike every normal tweet, hers contained some strong obscene words.

Yes, it is true the ‘streets of Twitter’ is now overrun by people who do not hesitate to use foul language as often as they can but who would have thought her boss would see her Tweet. Unfortunately, that is what happened.

Homer Hickman is sort of a revered scholar at NASA; he is in charge of training the astronauts during spacewalks. With an impressive resume which includes participation during missions such as the Joint US Japanese mission Spacelab, the International Space Station, and the Hubble Space Telescope project, Homer has had his name printed all over the NASA project boards. However, she did not know such a person would see her tweet (or didn’t care).

Homer’s first reaction to her badly worded tweet was with one word, “language,” indicating that she could easily delete the tweet to cover up or apologize, but no, she was obviously not ready for some older male to caution her, the reply was even worse, and then it happened.

Homer revealed his identity, and you can guess what happened next. The conversation has since gone viral on Tweeter, such a twist to a story that started with jubilation.

We know one thing, lessons have been learned, but the internship at NASA may not be happening because the Tweet went viral with thousands of shares and likes. She is surely qualified, and another opportunity will happen with another company, this time she will know better than to use unprintable words on social media.

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