A Poltergeist in a Chinese Supermarket? See for Yourselves

When we go through our daily shopping, we rarely expect anything of note or interest to happen. A conversation with an old school friend and a frivolous purchase of a new appliance bought at s sale is the most common way for the day to be exciting, right?

Well, for one woman in China, things went a little hectic for her on a typical day around the store looking at the deals she could snap up. As she made her way through the supermarket on a normal day, everything is serene and normal. As the video footage shows, the woman is just walking along in the supermarket when an item falls off the shelf behind her.

It just falls – she never goes near it, never touches it, nothing. It just falls and hits the ground. So, she decides to do the good thing and help out the staff by placing the item back on the shelf where it belonged. At that point, things got weird.

As she placed the item on the shelf, her entire body falls into a locked mode. It’s like someone hit the Off switch on her spine. She just stops moving, and everything in her hands that she was carrying falls to the floor. She stands for a few seconds before she begins to seriously convulse and then just starts to shake and move around severely.

She falls to her knees, and a blonde woman runs over to her to try and help her out. Trying to work out what is going on, the woman tries to calm the affected party down. At that point, though, the woman lets out an unnaturally, ungodly, scream into the air – it’s deeply haunting and soon alerts the entire supermarket as to what is going on.

The woman helping her is visibly shaken and falls to the floor with terror when she screams out. A man then appears to try and help her out, especially as she starts to make noises that sound like someone choking. As he tries to help her out, though, she lets out another terrifying scream and really makes everyone wonder what is happening.

A man in black approaches her and sits with her, trying to calm her down. Two other people help to keep her arms at peace, and they continue to calm her down. Without any explanation, though, people in the local area now believe that she was possessed by some kind of spirit.

They believe that the man in the black was able to ‘exorcise’ the demon from her. Even weirder, when she is ‘exorcised’ and falls to the ground afterward, you generally see things all around the place begin to move and shudder around – like a massive gust of wind blows through the store.

Is it all a well-put-together scam? A great piece of amateur artwork? Or is this woman generally going through some kind of possession when out on her weekend shop? You can decide!