You Wont Believe What These Countries Consider Delicacies!

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We all have our own personal tastes. Some prefer sushi, and others a juicy piece of steak. But these countries may have taken what they consider delicacies just a little too far. This is a list of the most weird and wonderful dishes from around the world


Fried Grasshoppers, Mexico

Oh no, you did not miss-read. Apparently in Mexico there is nothing more delicious than Chapilines, a dish made from fried grasshoppers. Next time you see one hopping outside your window, remember all you need to do is catch them, fry them, and there you go- dinner is ready.


Smalahove, Norway

The ingredients for this dish are just about as weird as the name. Comprised of one ingredient: the fully intact head of a lamb, this delicacy is enjoyed in Norway and is usually kept as a pre-Christmas treat. Yummy.


Balut, South East Asia

The method of making this delicacy is far from ordinary and may leave you with nightmares. Balut, eaten in south east Asia is a developing duck embryo that has been boiled alive and eaten in the shell. Traditionally served with beer- probably to get drunk enough to forget the whole eating experience.


Snake penis wine, Vietnam and Asia

Okay, so it involved a snake, but whether it involves the actual penis of said snake is questionable. This wine, popular in Vietnam and Asia comes with a whole venomous snake in the bottle since snakes are thought to have health properties. Personally, this is one of the only times I would refuse wine point blank.


Arroz de Cabidela, Portugal

Essentially a rabbit or chicken cooked in its own blood and added to rice, water and vinegar. This is not a delicacy for the feint-hearted.

rabbit in blood

Butod, Malaysia

Incredibly ugly, but apparently incredibly nutritious this ‘butod’ is the name used for the delicacy consisting of sago grub or sago worm. Disclaimer: this wormy wriggly bug is eaten ALIVE.

Sago worm

Blood Tofu, China

What looks like delicious chocolate chunks, is actually fat lumps of pig’s blood. However, in China they are not fussy and will also use sheep, chicken, and even cows blood for this bloody delicacy.

Blood Tofu


Frog Legs, France

The French call it delicious, I call it questionable. But difference of opinion aside, the well-known French delicacy consists of fried frog legs, parsley and garlic source and is said to taste like chicken or fish.

Frog Legs


Tuna Eyeball, Japan

Although visually unappealing (excuse the pun), this Japanese dish is said not only to be super affordable but super tasty.

tuna eyeball

Virgin Boy wee eggs, China

And finally, the strangest of the lot. These eggs are cooked in the urine of young boys. Seemingly a tradition, in spring urine of pre-pubescent boys is collected all over China and boiled with the eggs. The eggs can be sold for double the price. And I am left with absolutely nothing to say except I’ll take my eggs pee-free thank you very much.

wee eggs


And there you have it- the most bizarre delicacies from across the globe. Bon appetit!