World Enthralled by SpaceX as Launch Video Break Records

Florida went wild on 6th February as SpaceX launched its 70 meters long rocket, with a cherry red colored Tesla sports car. Seated inside the car was a robot. The rocket is called Falcon Heavy Rocket and it was launched from NASA Cape Canaveral, after 7 years of hard work. This most powerful rocket is a game changer and could serve as leading blocks to Musk’s company’s bright future.

The rocket was sent to orbit Mars and later on to reach the asteroid belt. The Falcon Heavy rocket is also designed to carry humans into space. Humans which will be traveling to the Moon and Mars. It can carry twice as much weight as any other rocket can.

The rocket had 3 boost segments which have returned to Earth. Two of the three segments landed safely on land, but the third was unsuccessful to land as planned and fell into the ocean.

Musk said on Tuesday “Falcon Heavy opens up a new class of payload, it can launch things directly to Pluto and beyond, no stop needed. You don’t even need a gravity assist or anything.”

Musk is not a boring man, he launched his Tesla car with David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ playing in the car’s multimedia console. As you know, the song talks about an astronaut who is gone forever into the void. The problem is that sound can’t travel through space.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Musk also printed “Made in Earth by humans” on the circuit board of the car. Musk talks about the launch “I think the imagery of it is something that’s going to get people excited around the world, and it’s still tripping me out. It’s kind of silly and fun, but I think silly, fun things are important,” he added.


Elon Musk / Instagram

Well, what he predicted happened in reality. People around the globe have been so excited about this launch and evidence of this can be found all over social media. On YouTube, you can find the live stream from several cameras mounted on the Tesla. The live stream became the second biggest live stream ever. Thousands of people jammed roads when traveling to Cape Canaveral to witness the history-making launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket. As enthralled they were, people reacted to this launch in a variety of ways.

SasparillaFizz has come up with a theory of her own and it sounds kind of legit.

Twitter lost its mind and there were plenty of tweets including the hashtags #FalconHeavy and #SpaceX. Let’s look at some of them:


People were seen snap Chatting, Tweeting, Instagramming live on the launch event of how the ground felt when the rocket was launched. They were shaken and their feet felt numb for a few seconds. It felt as if there were millions of lions roaring at the same time.

People also gathered at the Cocoa Beach to take a closer look at what was happening. Some knew what was going on, others were shocked to witness something they weren’t prepared for.

Twitter / @ToastyFalcon9


People also reacted to the song and the Tesla, they were thrilled about the funny twist.

Not only adults enjoyed the Falcon Heavy launch, kids did too. In fact, they were more excited than their parents. A teacher posted a picture of her students watching the launch and she thanked Elon Musk for inspiring the young generation.

One thing in common for all the viewers was that all of them enjoyed this amazing launch and hoped for more in the future. This much-hyped launch was a SpaceX’s success but the final results are yet to see if the Falcon Heavy rocket reaches the asteroid belt as intended or not. Stay tuned!

For more information about the launch itself, we recommend you check the official video from SpaceX: