World War 2 Veteran Shaves Head For Mohawk In Tribute To Fallen Comrades


Today, we’re living in a period of time where we need every little bit of happiness and comfort that we can find. The world if hurtling through a period of immense confusion and fear, and it’s having a major impact on the quality of life for so many of us. However, for one World War Two veteran, its’ been a time to show some love and respect to the people he served with back in the day.

Guy Whidden, 96, from Frederick County in Maryland, decided to go ahead and provide quite the memento to those who he had served alongside. Having shaved his head into a mohawk prior to D-Day in 1944, he decided to do it all again in 2020. A member of the 101st Airborne Division, he went for the classic mohawk in a bid to frighten the German opposition.

Despite knowing that other US soldiers were carrying it off with style, Whidden was the only member of his platoon who went ahead with the mop chop. When his superiors seen it, they told him to shave it off immediately. And although he followed orders back then, Whidden decided to rebel a little today and instead shaved his hair into the classic mohawk he sported in the past.

Now felt like the perfect time to do it – to raise a little smile, and to create a memory of those who either never made it back or no longer are with us today. You can check out a video of the US vet deciding to go through with the chop on YouTube and Facebook. Sitting with a barber sheet on, he gets his hair sliced into the mohawk.

Mohawk Going Viral 

With well over 100,000 views so far, we can expect more views to come in the future. Speaking to his granddaughter Lydia, you can hear him responding to her, saying “It’s pretty cool. Good job, Lydia!” and also remarking that he “looks like a young buck”.

It’s a touching video and one that can remind us just how much happiness we can find in the little things in life. Life might be tough for most of us at the moment, but for Mr. Whidden, this is a fine example of how we can persevere and find a bit of personal happiness even in such otherwise trying and worrying times.

We salute you, sir! For your service and your commitment to raising more than a few laughs during what is a very worrying time for us all. Deciding to add a little humor, as he explained it in his response to local newspaper The Frederick News-Post, it appears that Guy has made a pretty wise decision. With plenty of views and more to come, we’re sure that this veteran has just brought a smile to many previously frowning faces!