The Worst Thanksgiving Fails and How to Avoid Them

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Every year, millions of Americans will be enjoying Thanksgiving as they celebrate this unique American festival. It’s a wonderful experience, one that truly captures the most exciting and heart-warming parts of American life.

Sadly, many people make major mistakes when it comes to making the Thanksgiving dinner – and some of the fails we’re about to list are ones you should definitely try to avoid!

You would be surprised at how many people have had their big Thanksgiving dinner ruined because they just got a little bit too over the top with experimentation or messed u cooking times. What, though, are some of the worst mistakes people have made?

Academic Timing

One of the most common mistakes that people make is being a bit liberal with cooking times. When we throw our Thanksgiving dinner in the oven, we need to pay close attention to how that big beautiful bird is in there cooking. Even a few minutes too long can turn a succulent big piece of bird into a turkey-shaped aubergine.

If you do want to avoid making something that looks like it was dealing with a flamethrower when being ‘cooked’ then be safe about the times and pay attention. It avoids everyone going without their Thanksgiving dinner!

Stuffing Up the Stuffing

Another very common Thanksgiving fail is to go and make the stuffing all wrong. It’s a lot easier to do than you might think, and is a rather special way to just ruin a fine big piece of bird. Many people make the mistake of including far too much stuffing, the wrong kind of stuffing or just not cooking it right.

The wrong kind of stuffing can ruin a piece of meat, so avoid making that mistake when you get the chance. Pro tip: the closer it starts to look like vomit, the less appealing it’s going to be!

Substituting the Meats

When time is short, you might find that the store has no meat left for you to enjoy – so you need to make do and grab something a bit … cheaper. Many people have to make do with what is left in the store when they go to buy their dinner for Thanksgiving – take a look at this image and tell us if you think it looks like Thanksgiving in Alcatraz.

Make sure you get in there fast and buy meat and veg that actually looks like the food it was supposed to be when you bought it. The more processed garbage you can avoid, the better!

Mashing Together the Potatoes

Mash potatoes is a must for any good Thanksgiving dinner, and if you are going to be the host you need to get you mash game down to a T. Take a look at this image above and let us know if that looks like mash potatoes or something much more horrifying.

Make sure you are smart about how you manage your mash; put it in the right kind of bowl and give it plenty of space to be able to sit there properly so people can help themselves.

Basically, when it comes to this year’s Thanksgiving, just make sure your food does NOT look like the above and you should be fine!