Would You Travel to an Island Populated by Sociable Wolves?

If you are someone who loves animals, then wolves might be a bit of a 50/50 prospect. Wolves have wonderful lineage and history, but not many people would be keen to spend time around wolves – at least not too often. If you love the idea of spending time around a wolf, though, there is one place in the world you might wish to come and visit – The Heart Sanctuary.

Photo: Brianna R./Unsplash

This island is populated by attention-seeking, sociable wolves who want you to be their friend. They are charming, endearing, and friendly. The wolves here are personable and charming, and you should have absolutely nothing to worry about by coming here.

Based in Anacortes, Washington, it sits next to the border of Canada and is near the city of Seattle. An easy-to-reach location, you can come here and visit these awesome wolves. You will find that these have been taught to be friendly and kind to humans, removing many of the typical preconceptions you might hold in your head about spending time with wolves.

Photo: M L/Unsplash

You can even pet their stomachs – that is how close and friendly these wolves allow people to be. In many ways, it is a total transformation from the typical attitude of a wolf to a person.

Visiting the Heart Sanctuary

If you wish to come to this sanctuary, you need to book an appointment. For $200 per person for just two hours with the wolves, it can seem very expensive – especially if you need to travel. However, given you can spend time with these amazing wolves – as well as friendly foxes, cougars, and more – it would be a worthwhile investment for any animal lover.

10 acres of land surround the area, so you should have no problem at all in making the most of the time that you get to spend here. Whether you love animals or want to introduce your children to how animals can behave in the right environment, this is a trip well worth the expense!