Wow: Jaw Dropping Animal Camouflage

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Animals are, of course, the best thing about this hunk of rock that we live on. Sure, technology is cool and stuff, but animals trump anything we mere meat bags can ever accomplish. So, when we came across this awesome collection of animals and creatures that manage to blend in and camouflage with the world around them.

Let’s take a look at some of nature’ more awesome hidden gems, quite literally.

The Wrap-Around Spider.

These tremendous(ly terrifying) arachnids from Australia are like assassins. They can wrap around a tree or a branch to make sure that they are unseen, and can use that as camouflage to escape from other predators. Given it’s always got the jump on you, though, we might suggest that this arachnid might win most of its encounters.

The Grey Owl.

Always wise and intelligent, it’s no surprise that owl’ are great at hiding. Look at this one blending into a tree almost perfectly, more or less making sure it cannot be seen. Given their nocturnal nature, they’ll blend in with the darkness and the natural trees to help make them more or less impossible to see; hauntingly awesome, right?

Stone Flounder.

The Stone Flounder is a unique form of fish, that lies among salty and fresh water. It’s a rich and powerful fish, and spends a lot of its time simply blending in with the environment. You see, this fish has the chance to simply blend in with the environment as it sees fit. This allows it to simply not be seen, making sure it can blend in with pebbles, sands, stone or anything else that it needs to if it wishes to avoid capture.

I Sssseeee You.

This amazing copperhead snake blends in with the leaves as if it is not there. I actually cannot really make it out too well in the photo above; it took me the best part of five minutes looking to spot him. If you ever think that you might be in snake territory, be sure to keep an eye out for the more camouflaged ones like this badass!

Tame Impala.

This awesome picture captures an impala hiding away in the distance, staring directly at the camera without you even noticing it at first. It blends in so well with its natural habitat that spotting one takes a hell of a lot of work – and some eagle-eyed spotting on your part.

Awesome, right?


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