WOW: Man-Made Perfect Handwriting

While life is all about typing and using the computer today, it’s not uncommon to find someone who still likes to communicate via the written word. I’ll admit and say that I’m lucky to have been born in the 90s, as my writing looks more like drunken scribbles than legible text. Were it not for the use of computers, I’d very much struggle to even be understood nevermind anything else!

Sometimes, though, we just come across examples of truly exemplary writing. While a nice font can always look great, proper handwritten content is some of the most enjoyable ways to see class in abundance. If you want an example of some of the most awesome handwriting examples out there, here’s just a few to think about:

The Perfect Filipino Professor.

In school, my teachers all had nice writing; this guy puts them to shame, though. The poise, the accuracy and the rich delivery of the writing is simply outstanding. Definitely one of the best examples of high-quality academic writing!

Nepalese Super Student

I’ll admit that even at my very best, I couldn’t even put together one line of this kind of accuracy. Look at how attentive to detail it is – for someone in the 8th grade, it’s almost impossible to believe.

Magical Music Sheets

This amazing handwritten music sheet is literally of a higher quality and accuracy than any music textbook I’ve ever encountered. The level of detail and precision is actually quite nauseating!

Artistic Anatomy

This amazing collection of artistic designs and doodles is like something you would get in the controller settings of a video game; all perfectly mapped out, understood and labelled. Outstanding.

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