Wow: Top 9 Oldest Ruins of Early Civilization

The discovery of what seemed like permanent structures from early civilization proves that there were communities in the early ages. Many of these ruins have been linked to the Neolithic Revolution period when human beings were discovering more survival opportunities besides hunting for food.

These sites have been discovered by archaeologists in many parts of the world which shows that the Neolithic revolution was taking place at the same time globally. The tests and assessments have also indicated that many of these ruins can be identified as the beginning of what we know today as a modern civilization.

So here are the top nine ruins that have been discovered in the world-

 Sechin Bajo

It is currently regarded as the oldest ruins ever discovered in the Americas. The Sechin Bajo ruin was found in Ancash, Peru. The archaeological tests revealed that the stones dated as far back as 3500 BCE which makes the discovery assumed to be the oldest organized settlement ever located in the Americas.

Locmariaquer Megaliths

The Locmariaquer was discovered to be a set of tombs which had menhirs positioned around the area. The archaeological tests revealed that the site was built around the fifth millennium BCE as a Neolithic tomb. A Grand Menhir as high as 20 meters marked the site.

The second tomb, called the Table des Marchand was built around 4000 BCE, a large stone slab protected the inner parts of this tomb. The Er Grah tumulus was discovered close to the Grand menhir; it dates back to 4200 BCE.

Les Fouaillages

The Les Fouaillages ruins were discovered to be tombs which dated back to 4500 BCE. This site was discovered in Europe, and it was previously the abode of the ancient hunters but later developed to become a tomb. In 1976, the well-preserved site was discovered and over60, 000 discoveries have been found.

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