Yay! Celebrity Deathmatch Set for Reboot

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As one of the most enjoyable TV shows of the MTV era, Celebrity Deathmatch got viewers from all around the world. It was wild, completely out of the loop with normal TV and, most importantly, was pretty damn funny. However, for anyone who has taken part in watching this famous show from the noughties, you’ll be happy to know it’s getting a full reboot.

According to Ice Cube, the show will be coming back in the near future. MTV Studios will be working with Ice Cube and Jeff Kawtinetz to help make this even better than the original. MTV has enjoyed a lot of success from jumping into some of their more old-school and most celebrated projects once again. now, we can expect to see Celebrity Deathmatch returning in all of its shocking and chaotic style.

From 1998 until 2002, the original series was one of the major MTV hits of the era. Eric Fogel, the previous creator of the original series, will take an executive production role for this. With comical visual style and outrageous scenes of hilarious violence, we can expect that this latest move will help to bring viewers back to MTV.

The Classics Are The Best

Ice Cube noted his happiness to be involved with the project, saying: “Happy to once again be working with Viacom and MTV on a fan favorite like Celebrity Deathmatch and to continue our success together,”

Ice Cube

While it might be slightly out of scope with what people do and watch today, it is safe to say that for many people Celebrity Deathmatch was one of the most enjoyed cult hit shows of its era. While some might find it all a little odd today, it will be funny to see how tech and narrative advancements make this even more enjoyable.

Add in the fact that the celebrity list is bigger today than ever before, and it should be easy to imagine some truly hilarious match-ups taking place. Whatever happens with this latest reboot, it’s nice to see that some classic ideas still hold some kind of artistic merit with production firms.

It might not be to the taste of everyone, but the previous boot of the show was hugely enjoyed at the time. Alongside TV shows like Bo Selecta, it played a key role in opening up a whole new kind of satire on the TV, and was quite the trailblazer.

For those who want to rekindle their love of clay celebrities engaging in brutal battles, then, be sure to keep an eye out for more information about the reboot!

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