Yellowstone Geyser Spits Out Freaky Objects In Eruption

As one of the most stunning pieces of natural land, Yellowstone is easily one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is also one of the most dangerous, though. The home of many a catastrophe waiting to happen, the immense power held within Yellowstone can be hard to quantify in many ways. Indeed, when a huge geyser eruption took place recently in Yellowstone, it was enough to produce some interesting objects due to being ‘coughed up’ along the way.

Over at Ear Spring, the normally quiet hot pool spat out all manner of garbage – in what is the largest eruption to take place here since the late 1950s. What it produced, though, was more of a surprise than anything else.

According to the park itself on their official Facebook page, they said: “After Ear Spring erupted on September 15, employees found a strange assortment of items strewn across the landscape around its vent! Some are clearly historic: they’ll be inventoried by curators and may end up in Yellowstone’s archives,”

What was produced by Ear Spring?

It produced all manner of items from back in the day. One of the oddest items to have come out was that of a pacifier that came from the 1930s. How it’s still in one piece, we will never know. It also spat up a bunch of coins – which will no doubt become worth a pretty penny just purely because of where they came from.

Some plastic knives and forks came up, too, and also a series of aluminum cans were spat out from the geyser. It’s all quite nuts, and can be pretty hard to actually fathom. How can so much be produced in such a short space of time? It’s incredible to see, in truth.

Using a clean-up team to get rid of the items and put them into storage, they found all manner of odd items including funnels and even a sign that appeared to be for some kind of bear management business.

However, fear not: while some are making it out like this is a sign that a major eruption is on the way, it’s not. The supervolcano is not on the verge of eruption: geothermal activity happens all the time, and is entirely normal. Don’t worry, cans and coins being spat out by the ground is – to our knowledge – not one of the signs of the apocalypse, Ragnarok or any other end of days’ scenario.

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