Lost Maya City Found In Guatemala With the Help of Lasers

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LiDAR scanning seems to do wonders right now for archaeologists. Things that were hard to come by a while ago are a lot easier to track right now thanks to the latest tech. And the best part about this technology is that it only manages to get better and better.

Paricutin Volcano where the city was found.

That’s how a group of researchers managed to find a sprawling ancient Mayan city in the Guatemalan jungles.

There was some hope and ideas that an ancient city could be found in that region. And yes, it seems that all the concerns and ideas were rightful here. People always wanted to find those hidden cities and it was quite the challenge to identify their location in a proper way.

But the LiDAR technique is very good and it managed to help researchers find the ancient city right in Northern Guatemala.

Laser Imaging of the city (National Geographic)

This is the type of thing that you can rarely find nowadays, as more and more stuff gets uncovered thanks to the latest technologies. And in many ways, that could be a very good thing.

But in the end, you have to realize that all of this hard work is showcasing how much more powerful archaeology is right now.

One thing to keep in mind about this city is that it was most likely created during the Purepecha empire around 1100 years ago.

One of the things that maybe led to the city’s extinction was its location, as it was very close to the Paricutin volcano. The LiDAR tech managed to uncover multiple urban centers, some large gardens and a huge range of structures.

Ancient Maya City of Uxmal (from Ancient Origins)

There’s no specific info about this, but some people would say that there are some pyramids in there too. Of course, this is very hard to speculate until the archaeologists dig properly in that region. But the relics in there are definitely worth it.

However, until that happens we will most likely have the city buried under the Earth, all while being surrounded by the forest.

So yes, uncovering a city like this will most likely be extremely difficult. Yet then again, this is one of the few cities uncovered in recent years, so everyone is excited to see what this region holds from us and what can we expect.

The LiDAR technology comes with a very interesting remote sensing technique that harnesses the power of laser pulses in order to deliver 3D data about the Earth’s Surface. It’s a very complex and powerful tech designed to bring in front relevant information about the items found underground.

The best part is that there’s no need for digging. But it is a rather tricky technology to use and access, although archaeologists don’t mind paying a pretty penny as long as it can lead to the discovery of such amazing places. Archaeologists are ready to put their boosts to the ground and uncover the city.

It’s amazing what the LiDAR tech can do, and it’s safe to say that this will not be the only time when archaeologists will use the tech!


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