Your Hairstylists & Colorists Want You to Know...

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I'm sure you know the basics for your next salon appointment including being there on time, leaving a 20% tip, do not make annoying phone calls, etc.  What you might not know, what your stylists really wants you to do before, during, and after your appointment.

We spoke with a few professional stylists to find out their biggest pet peeves and offer some advice you should take advantage of.

Do Not Show Up With Filthy Hair:

Many professionals could not express strongly enough, there are clients who show up with hair that hasn't been washed for at least a week and expect the stylist to do it for them.

What many clients do not seem to understand, having tons of chemicals and products building up on their hair makes it very difficult for a color to go on evenly.  You do not have to have perfectly clean hair just at a level that is passable.

A professional colorist from New York City, Raisa Cabrera, said you should never scrub your scalp just before having color applied because it can cause your skin to become overly sensitive to the dye.

One valuable hint – if you know your hair is really dirty and it grosses you out, wash your hair the night before your appointment because the chances are, your stylist is going to disgusted as well. Washing your hair the night before will please your stylist and you will get so much more out of your color.

Show Patience With Your Color:

Sheenon Olson, celebrity hairstylist and creative director of ATMA salon in Miami, said when you are getting ready for a major color change, be realistic what can be achieved in a single appointment.  You cannot show up with black hair and expect to walk out as a platinum blonde in one day.

You must be patient and take the needed steps, gradually, to protect your hair.  He recommends you ask your stylist what you can expect to achieve in one day.  If you know it's going to take longer than the time you have set aside, reschedule when you have more time.

Be Upfront And Honest About Your Hair's Color:

You must be honest with your colorist about your hair's history. Was your hair a gloss, toner, Brazilian blowout, box color, etc.  This can make all the difference when treating your hair, according to Miguel Angarita, master colorist at Mizu salon in NYC.

He strongly suggests you talk with your stylist about the upkeep and your budget before getting in over your head.  There are certain colors and cuts that require more attention and trips to the salon for something that will look great when your hair grows out.

You Must Have an Open Mind:

Always come to your appointment with an open mind and take professional advice.  What you have in mind might not work with your skin color or the style won't work for your type of hair.  Your stylist will work with your skin tone, the shape of your face, eye color, or other features.  You will get the best cut or color that is customized for you and you will look great.

Provide A Picture:

If you have a style in mind, bring a picture with you to show your stylist. Better yet, bring several examples from different angles and in different lighting. Also, be specific about what you want done.  Cutting dead ends or trim are two very different lengths.

Choose A Time For Your Appointment That Works:

Avoid taking the last appointment on a Saturday.  If you are a new client and want a major change to your hair or your hair needs a lot of work, you should book an appointment earlier in the day or, if possible, in the middle of the week.

If you can book in the middle of the week, it's easier to get and your stylist will have more time to spend on your hair.  If you are not sure how long your appointment will take, call your stylist beforehand and get a consultation first so you can explain what you are looking for.  They will be able to block the proper amount of time you will need.

Take Good Care Of Your Color:

Choosing a high-quality color will make all the difference.  Some clients think a stylist is simply trying to sell a product to make money but that's just not true.  You want products that will make your color last longer, allowing for a longer period of time before returning to the salon.

Products that are not designed for color-treated hair will strip the color out your strands, leaving your hair looking dull and lifeless.

You are a walking advertisement for a stylist's or colorist's work, so they want the very best for you.  Listen to them and take their professional advice.  You will look so much better in the long run.