Yuk! Bugs You’ll Want To Keep A Distance From

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For anyone who enjoys watching I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, part of the enjoyment is watching your (least) favorite celebs take on horrifying acts of self-destruction. While there is lots to ‘enjoy’ about the show, one of the less enjoyable parts is seeing the uniquely horrifying collection of critters they share their time with.

Let’s take a look at some of the haunting critters that you might run into in this world. We’ve combed the Guinness World Book of Records to find some creatures that will probably make you take a good few looks around at night.

South American Super Spiders

While a trip to the Latin paradise of South America is very fun indeed, many of us who hate spiders should think twice. You see, the continent is home to the goliath bird-eating tarantula. Huge in nature and in size, it’s a terrifying beast who has legs alone which can span as much as 11cm.

They are fat fellas, too. the heaviest ever found, Rosi, was found by the GWBOR to weigh as much as 6.1oz. That’s seven times the weight of your average mouse!

Size Counts

When it comes to length, then the outrageously horrifying stick insect found at the Museum of West China in Chengdu. It was a whopping 25.1” in length, verified in 2017. It’s absolutely massive, and it makes it very easy indeed to see why the stick insect is so easy to forget about when it comes to their style.

Despite being so long, they blend in with the rest of the world with consummate ease: so much so you could easily look beyond it!

Knockout Blows

One of the most terrifying prospects of finding an insect you do not know about is that you might fear it stinging you. well, one of the most powerful stings ever was recorded by Justin O’Schmidt. Throughout this career, he’s had more than this fair share of bites and stings, which he records in his Schmidt Insect Pain Index.

Within that index, he noted that being bitten by a bullet ant might just be the sorest bite that you could ever feel – it’s almost akin to the pain of being shot by a gun, apparently.

Beauty To Finish It Up

Butterflies are among the most stunning animals in the world, but did you know that they are prolific travelers, too?

Indeed, the monarch butterfly of North America often flies as much as 100 miles in a single day. they often fly around the place without much work at all, and in a year could cover the equivalent distance of a flight from London to Vancouver!

Indeed, they are among the most commonly and vociferously travelled insects on the planet: not bad for a piece of natural eye candy, right?

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